Who We Are

We are a small team in the belief that you should have the freedom to access your games on any device. From anywhere.

Our mission is to make you forget that you’re using streaming technology. Whether you’re playing with friends, diving into PUBG on a cloud machine, or finishing a raid on your PC from work, the only thing you should worry about is immersing yourself in the games you love.

Although we’re serious about giving you the best gaming experience possible, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We like having fun testing our software on the classics, the indies, and the newest Blizzard games. Game streaming is a new technology with lots of hurdles, so we won’t overpromise. We just want to create the best possible experience.

Our community inspires us every day. We love hearing from you all in Discord, on social media, and elsewhere. Please share your feedback and inspire us to make a better product!

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As we increasingly work with partners to make the platform better, we also look to them to share and exchange insights and ensure that the platform we’re building meets their needs. And as always, our players will continue to serve as a guiding light, telling us what they want to see in future gaming experiences.


Cloud Gaming technology has been mastered by our talented programmers and developers. In 2018 and beyond, Dashing Play will see many improvements and innovations to perfect its features and overall experience.

What We Are Up To

The entire team is locked arm-in-arm envisioning, building, and deploying the tools in development everyday. This is a set of partners with very high expectations and we don’t want them to hold back. They pressure what we create, and make it better.