Play anywhere, without any hardware limit

Fast Cloud Gaming Experience

Play your favorite games anywhere with low latency

We’re 100% focused on delivering the best game streaming performance possible. You don’t have to suffer through button mashing and frame rate drops. Play on any device or even in browsers at a glorious 60 FPS with Dashing Play.

High Performance

Powerful GPU instance equivalent to GTX 1080 makes your games running at full speed and performance.

Low Latancy

We knows like no other that a good network is very important for a great game experience. We built our own networking protocol and streaming software to ensure you get the lowest latency streaming possible.

Stable & Secure

All cloud gaming service runs on the latest server technologies loaded with higher level of privacy and data security.

Games on max settings, always

NVIDIA GTX 1080 equivalent GPU

We use professional graphic cards with performances equivalent to a Geforce GTX 1080. Play on max settings. Always.

XEON CPU and 12GB DDR4 Memory

Our Intel Xeon processors provide all the power you need, on every device. Play and work without any compromise.

256 GB SSD Secured Storage

Our custom storage solution protects your data with the most efficient protocols. You can enjoy you games securely.

1Gb/s Internet Connection

All your downloads are performed through our lightning fast data center connection. You do have fiber experience even on a simple DSL line.

Powered by GPU Cloud and Low-latency Technology

The components of your GPU cloud are located in highly secured local data centers. Cutting-edge technology transmits a perfect image up to 4K, with no visible latency. Always upgraded and updated, Shadow runs a Windows 10 PC on the latest hardware, meaning extreme power with protection from hardware failures

Gamers Feedback

Cloud gaming will be the next stage of gameplay. I'm pretty sure Dashing Play will be a strong competitor according to my own experience.
Kali Travis
As an invited closed beta participant, Dashing Play really impressed me in the terms of latency and performance. Just can't wait to see the release.
John Doe
Latency is so good that no sensible input lag can be noticed, and all the games can run at 1080p ultra settings. All of it is happening in my browser. This is absolutely amazing.
Giorgio Byrd

Apply for Closed Beta Participant

Join the closed beta participants and experience the newest upcoming cloud gaming technology for free. Your feedback will help us shape and improve products before Dashing Play is launched to the public.

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